Qualification rules give you control over how many times someone can go through an automation. Lets say you want to run an automation everyday that finds all of the Executives from your Target Accounts with high Engagement Minutes and adds them to an Outreach Sequence. It is very likely that the same Executives would qualify for this automation more than one day in a row, so you would want to set your qualification rules to One Time Only so that if someone does qualify for your selector multiple times, we will make sure to exclude them due to the qualification rules. 

The options that are available to you for qualification rules are:

  • One Time Only
  • Once Every ___ Hours/Days/Weeks/Months
  • Every time

One Time Only means that a person or account will only qualify once, ever. 

Once Every ___ Days/Weeks/Months gives you more flexibility over how frequently a person or account can qualify. For instance, Once Every 5 Days means a person or account can only run through the automation one time every 5 days. So if a person or account qualifies for the selector and runs through the automation on Monday July 22, 2019, they will not be eligible to run through the automation again until July 28, 2019. 

Every Time means that anytime a person or account qualifies for the selector of your automation, they will run through the automation. 

Learn how to set your qualification rules here!