The Automation details gives you some interesting info about the automation. 

The Details of the automation include the automation's:

  • Name - the name you gave the automation when you created it.
  • Description - you can provide a short description of the automation's purpose for your collogues.
  • Member Type - the type of automation it is -- Accounts or People. 
  • Owner - Engagio user who created the automation 
  • Created By - Engagio user who created the automation.
  • Created Date - date of when the automation was created.
  • Last Modified By - Engagio user who last changed something about the automation.
  • Last Modified Date - date of when something about the automation was last changed.
  • Status of the Automation - indicates whether or not the Automation is active or Inactive.
  • Total Members - indicates the total number of people or accounts who have run through the automation.