Within the "Engagio-wide Settings," you will find the Data Synchronization page. Here you will dictate when Engagio will make its nightly sync, pulling in data from Salesforce, marketing automation, web traffic pixel, and any other connected sources. 


This section will allow you to dictate when Engagio pulls in data from your CRM and marketing automation systems.

Be aware that the "Hour" drop-down reflects a 24 hour clock, and not AM/PM. Therefore, selecting hour 13 minute 0 would have your sync occur at 1:00 PM. 

"Times per day" allows you to dictate how often your sync takes place. For example, 2 would mean that your sync occurs every 12 hours; whereas, 12 would mean your sync occurs every 2 hours. Keep in mind that if you set this to 24 (meaning every hour) and your sync takes more than 1 hour to complete, then your sync will not occur every hour. 

❗Note: The settings within this section will only dictate the time Engagio pulls in data. It does not dictate when Engagio writes back to Salesforce. This "write back" occurs 1x per day at a preset time. 

Marketo API Quota

Here you will input your daily allowance of Marketo API calls. Engagio has safety measures in place to ensure we never push you beyond your limit. For more information on this, please read our Marketo API Usage article.