Adding choices to your automation is a great way for you to take different actions on subsets of your selector audience. For instance lets say you want to add people from accounts who have reached MQA to a sequence in Outreach but you only want to add CXOs and VPs at those accounts to an executive sequence, and you want to add managers and directors to a different sequence. You can do this by incorporating choices into your automation.

The first step is to hover over the action that you would like to add a choice to and click Add Choice.

Notice that the Action card is now broken out into choices where you can define criteria for each choice. Click Define Criteria to set filters for who from your selector should be added to your selected sequence.

This is where you can set the criteria for who should qualify for your first choice. For our example, we are going to choose Role and select executives then click Save 

That’s it! You have added a choice to your action: 

You can continue to add additional choices by clicking the Add Choice button. Learn More about how Choices work here.