What types of engagement will I get from Pardot?

We sync to numerous activities in Pardot, most of which can be found on Pardot's "Activity Glossary"

Activities synced over include: 

Engagio syncs all Pardot prospects and their associated activities of the following types:

- Form submission
- Website visit
- Email opens
- Email clicks
- Form visit
- Landing page visit
- File visit
- Landing page submission
- Attended webinar
- Registered for webinar
- Social post click
- Video view
- Video watched (> 75% watched)
- Video conversion
- Event registered
- Event checked in

How to add the Integration

Step 1: Navigate to https://app.engagio.com/o/ad/i

Step 2: Click on "Create Data Source" in the lower left.

Step 3: Choose the "Pardot" option from the dialog 

Step 4: Enter the username and password for the Pardot user account that Engagio will use to connect to the Pardot API. You will also need to enter the API User Key for that user (see below on where to find this). Then click "Save" 

Step 5: You can find the API User Key by logging into Pardot and going to "Settings" → "My Profile" page.

What to expect

  • We'll start syncing nightly immediately when you hit save, every night, we'll update Engagio with the relevant information.
  • You'll want to look at your Engagement rules and adjust the default minutes to better fit your business
  • For our average sized customers, we're anticipating around 1-2 weeks for the sync to fully complete, during this time, we're happy to keep you posted about the progress