With Engagio Audience Management, marketers can seamlessly sync Engagio Audiences built using Engagio Selector technology to 3rd party platforms to:

  • Target an Engagio audiences with relevant ads based on funnel stage.
  • Target Engagio audiences with relevant ads based activity, behavioral, demographic or firmographic data.
  • Enable cross channel nurture to accelerate funnel velocity by ensuring the right person at the right account has the right content experience across various platforms. 
  • Manage Account suppression lists in Marketo, Pardot or HubSpot (future)

Audiences will be made of up a selector, a destinations tab, a scheduler, preview, details and history.

  • Selector: like most areas of Engagio that use selectors, the selector tab will be where you go to select the audience you want to add to a destination.
  • Destinations: destinations are the 3rd party platforms that you are syncing people or accounts too.
  • Scheduler: scheduler is where you set when you want your audience to start and stop syncing.
  • Preview: preview will show you all of the people who are going to qualify for your audience based on the selector you have set up.
  • Details: details is where you can go to see some meta data about the audience like who created it, when it was last modified, the description and more.
  • History: history provides you with the details of what has happened with each sync of the audience. This is where you can go to see the syncs that have completed and the members of the audience.

The way it works is we find people in your database based on the selector you build, and continuously add people who meet your selector criteria and remove people who no longer meet your selector criteria to the destinations you have specified: