There are two ways of getting your HubSpot data into Engagio, you can either connect us directly to HubSpot as a native integration, or you can follow the guides below to learn how to get HubSpot data into Salesforce, and then ultimately Engagio.

Requirements for either method:

  1. HubSpot Marketing: Professional or Enterprise Subscription
  2. Salesforce: Enterprise, Unlimited, or Performance Edition

๐Ÿค” Do we have to have Salesforce to use Engagio, or is HubSpot enough?
We do require Salesforce, we're all about Account Based Everything and thus use Salesforce accounts to tie everything together.

Native Integration with HubSpot

What you can expect: The integration allows Engagio to report on email events (open, click, forward) and form fills that are tracked via Hubspot.

Step 1: Go to the admin Integrations page,

Step 2: Click Create New Data Source

Step 3: Click on HubSpot

Step 4: Click Save

Step 5: Log into HubSpot, after that, you did it! ๐ŸŽ‰ 

โ— Things that are good to know:

  • We'll start syncing nightly automatically once you save it as a data source
  • You'll want to edit the default Engagement scores assigned to HubSpot activities
  • Check for things that were coming into Salesforce from HubSpot already that might be double counting now
  • We expect the initial sync for an average size customer to take about a week, mileage may vary but we're happy to help provides updates and clarity as you need.

Getting HubSpot Data into Salesforce, and then into Engagio

The Big Idea

If you can get your marketing activities into SFDC as either campaigns, activities, or fields on lead, contact, or account objects, we'll make it available within Engagio.

What's Possible

Using HubSpot Workflows, you can get virtually any kind of HubSpot data into SFDC, things like filling out forms are perfect activities to add to SFDC and track within Engagio.

Using HubSpot Workflows

Step 1: Make sure persons within HubSpot are pushed to SFDC

Step 2: Choose between adding HubSpot data into Salesforce as part of a campaign or as an activity, both are discussed below:

Review HubSpot's example Workflow action to add to an SFDC Campaign
๐Ÿ‘Œ Pro-tip: Salesforce Campaigns must be created first before you can add people to it with a HubSpot Workflow.

Review HubSpot's example Workflow action to add to an SFDC Task/Activity
Feeling lost? Here's documentation about adding Salesforce Tasks from HubSpot

Installing Engagio's Tracking Pixel to your HubSpot website

Our Engagio Web Tracking pixel needs to be on every single website page. HubSpot provides a "Global Module" that you can add our pixel to make it available on every page.
HubSpot Guide to adding Global Modules

Have Ideas?

We'd love to be able to better support you and our other customers with cool ways to combine Engagio and HubSpot together.

๐Ÿ“จ Email your thoughts over to and we might just send you something in return. ๐Ÿ˜‰