The history tab of an audience gives you access to everything you need to know about where the audience has synced, to who, and when.

The second section is Jobs Status. The Job Status tab contains all of the syncs that have occured for the audience.

The Jobs grid contains the following columns which can be edited by clicking edit columns:

  • Executed Time: contains the date and time that the audience synced
  • Destination: contains the platform that the audience synced to
  • Last Updated By: contains the Engagio users name who most previously modified the audience
  • Members Added: contains the number of people or accounts that were added to the destination during the sync
  • Members Removed: contains the number of people or accounts that were removed from the destination during the sync
  • Status: contains success, partial failure, or failure depending on whether or not all people or accounts were successful, all people or accounts failed, or some people or accounts who qualified were unsuccessful for all actions, or some actions were unsuccessful
  • Status Detail: contains how many people or accounts failed or succeeded