The dashboard includes two KPIs related to opportunities, Pipeline and Revenue.

Pipeline: The sum of the Opportunity Amount Field for opportunities created in the selected time period. 

Revenue: The sum of the Opportunity Amount Field for the opportunities that were closed won in the selected time period. 

Customizing the Opportunity Amount Field

Many organizations use a custom opportunity amount field to track the dollar value of the opportunities in Salesforce.

You can customize the Opportunity Amount Field to use your custom field by going to Settings -> Engagio-Wide Settings -> Company Settings -> Opportunity Configurations.

Additional Filters on Opportunities

Organizations often need to be able to add additional filters to the list of opportunities used to calculate Pipeline or Revenue. 

For example, you may want to only include new business opportunities, exclude renewals, or add some other custom filter either to the opportunity or the related account.

You can add a filter to the opportunities included in the Pipeline and Revenue KPIs by going to Settings -> Journey  -> Opportunity Filter.