The Journey Summary Page is the main page of the Journey Analytics section, and it can accessed by going to Analytics, then Journey:

The page is divided into three sections:

1. Accounts by Journey Stage Chart

This is the same chart that appears in the Account Journeys Dashboard and we've described it detail here.
On this page, selecting a Journey Stage filters the list of Accounts shown the table below. If you need to know which Account is in which stage right now - this is a great place to explore that information:

2. Journey Metrics by Journey Stage

To the right of the chart is the table of Journey Metrics for each of the stage that shows the following:

  • Volume (Total # of Accounts that visited the stage within the time frame)
  • Velocity (Avg # of days Accounts spent in the stage before moving to the next stage)
  • Conversion (% of Accounts that go to the Next Stage within the time frame)

Clicking on any of these metrics takes you to the corresponding Journey Analytics pages.

3. List of Accounts

This is a table of Accounts - that corresponds to the selected Stage in the Accounts by Journey Stage chart above it: