❗ You do need to be an Engagio User❗

If you are a customer but have not received a welcome email to log in to Engagio, ask your Admin to check this out: How to Create a User

Installing Scout

Step 1 - Go the Chrome Store

Here's a Direct Link to the Chrome Store

Step 2 - Add to Chrome

Click Add to Chrome.


Click Add Extension


You should now see the Engagio icon in the top-right corner of your Chrome window.

Step 3 - Verify Icon Shows Up


Click the icon pointed above and it will bring you to the Engagio login page.

Step 4 - Login if Needed

You may need to log in if it's your first time ever in Engagio, click on the icon to log in.

Verifying Installation

If you know that Engagio has finished syncing with your Salesforce data, head over to Salesforce and navigate to your favorite Account.

You should see the Engagio charts prominently displayed.


Hover over the Engagement Trend to see the Top Activities and Top People for that Account's overall engagement.

Here's a preview of how Scout should look on top of Salesforce.