Click the "+" to add a destination:

Next choose the platform where you would like to create your destination:

Now you must choose whether you want to "Create New", "Create New and Replace Existing", or "Overwrite Existing".

  • Create New: this option will create a brand new audience on LinkedIn that can then be used in your campaigns.
  • Create New and Replace Existing: this option will create a brand new audience on LinkedIn and then lets you choose an existing audience that already exists on LinkedIn that may already be in use in your campaigns to swap it with. This should be a huge time saver!
    So if you choose to replace "Audience A" with your new Engagio Audience and "Audience A" is being targeted by 10 campaigns on LinkedIn, your new Engagio Audience will be created and will be start being targeted by those 10 campaigns. 
    Note: Audience A will still be available as an Account Assets in Campaign Manager--we do not delete it we only replace where it is in use.
  • Overwrite Existing: this option will allow you to choose an existing audience to overwrite.
    Note: only audiences that were created through the Engagio integration and are no longer synced to an Engagio audience will be available when this option is selected.

Lets choose Create New:

Next, you must give your Audience a Name:

Engagio supports multiple LinkedIn ad accounts so we need to know which ad account to create your audience in. Specify the LinkedIn Ad Account:

Note: these are all of the ad accounts that you have configured in admin.

Click Create

That's it! you have added LinkedIn as a destination! 

You can navigate to campaign manager immediately to start using your new audience:It is important to note that while you have created an audience on LinkedIn and it can start to be referenced in campaigns on LinkedIn, we will not start syncing people or accounts to LinkedIn until you activate the audience in Engagio.

The first time you sync any audience to LinkedIn the initial sync can take from 24 to 48 hours. Subsequent syncs do not take nearly as long.