The Journey Volume Page can be accessed by going to Analytics, then Journey, and then Volume:

The page is divided into three sections:

1. Volume Trend Chart

The chart shows the number of Accounts that have moved to a specific stage within a period of time. The user chooses the stage by clicking on the total Volume for the time-frame:

The trend data shown by the vertical bar-chart is historical - which means that the Accounts represented on the chart may not be in that stage anymore - but they did move to the stage on the date shown.

The chart can be further customized by choosing a field to group the data by using the "Select Account Field":

2. The Volume Heatmap

The heat-map allows you to slice and dice the Volume data to better understand the Journey trends:

The presets by the default allow you to look at Volume by Stage and by:

  • Account Owner
  • Industry
  • Type of Account

But you're also able to choose your own custom field by clicking on the "Custom" button and selecting your customer field:

3. The Data Table

Finally, the page contains the list of Accounts and Journey records represented in the charts above.

You can toggle between Accounts and Journey records using the data toggle:

Choosing the Journey data will show the historical Journey data captured by Engagio that shows which Account went to which stage on which date by using the Journey specific fields of:

  • Stage Name (Journey Stage)
  • Entered Stage At (Date)