The Velocity page is divided into three sections:

1. The Journey Stage Velocity Chart

The Velocity chart shows the average number of days accounts spent in each Journey stage before moving to a forward stage within the time frame defined:

We recommend looking at longer time-frames (months vs weeks) to capture enough data to make the chart meaningful. 

2. The Heatmap

The heatmap allows you to slice and dice the Velocity data to better understand the Journey trends. Are some accounts moving through specific stages faster than others?

The presets by the default allow you to look at Velocity by Stage and by:

  • Account Owner
  • Industry
  • Type of Account
  • State

But you're also able to choose your own custom field by clicking on the "Custom" button and selecting your custom field:

3. The Data Table

Finally, the page contains the list of Accounts records represented in the charts above: