The Journey Volume Page can be accessed by going to Analytics, then Journey, and then Velocity:

1. The Velocity Chart

The Velocity Chart shows the average # of days Accounts spent in each Journey Stage before moving on to the next stage (within the time frame defined):

We recommend looking at longer time-frames (months vs weeks) to capture enough data to make the chart meaningful. 

2. The Velocity Heatmap

The heat-map allows you to slice and dice the Velocity data to better understand the Journey trends: Are some Accounts moving through specific stages faster than others?

The presets by the default allow you to look at Velocity by Stage and by:

  • Account Owner
  • Industry
  • Type of Account

But you're also able to choose your own custom field by clicking on the "Custom" button and selecting your customer field:

3. The Data Table

Finally, the page contains the list of Accounts records represented in the charts above: