Another sample dashboard that comes with Dash is the MQA Impact dashboard. This is the Classic view of it:

Use this dashboard to:

  • Track the total number of MQAs created per month.
  • Monitor the number of MQAs created this month compared to your goal.
    In the example above, there are 402 accounts that have reached the "MQA" stage this month. That is 89% of the set goal for the month. The tracking for this report will automatically reset each month.
  • Track the activities influencing MQAs with three different attribution model views.
    • Minutes Model:
      Weighted by minutes, this view shows which activity types & categories are the most effective influencing MQAs over the current and previous fiscal year. In this example, Visit Web Pave (Known) is influencing over 600 MQAs over the past year and current year whereas Program Success is only influencing around 350 total. Knowing page visits are typically only assigned a small number of engagement minutes, it looks like a number of the MQA accounts are spending a fair amount of time researching Engagio prior to becoming qualified through more heavily weighted engagement channels like webinars or virtual events.
    • First Touch: Use this report to understand the original or first touch that helped source an MQA account. Keep in mind this is the earliest activity touch that is captured within the Engagio Activity Influence Timeframe. Out of the box, the influence timeframe will be 365 days. In this example, a majority of the MQA accounts had a first touch from the Page Visits (Anonymous)/(Known) activity types. However, we are seeing a number of MQA accounts that were sourced by Marketing Email Opens.
    • Last Touch:
      Finally, use this report component to understand what is pushing an account to MQA. The last touch will be assigned to the activity touch that has the most recent activity date prior to the MQA transition. Again in this example, the Visit Web Page (Known) and Page Visits (Anonymous) are tipping a lot of the accounts in the current and previous fiscal year over the MQA threshold.
  • Monitor the Avg. # of Touches (Sales + Marketing) & Avg. # of Minutes (Sales + Marketing) for an MQA
    The "Average Engagio Activity Touches" component displays the average number of Engagio activities recorded for each account on average before it becomes an MQA. The "Average Total Engagement Minutes" component displays the average number of minutes recorded prior to an MQA.
    *Out of the box, we pay attention to all matched leads to the account, contacts under the account, and anonymous activity matched to the account.

As with the other out of the box dashboards, these are meant to be samples to work from. If you have a custom stage that is not MQA that you would like to use this view for, feel free to clone/edit the underlying report components to filter for the custom stage vs. MQA.