Orchestrate is here. 


Automations are a new asset that is available with Engagio Orchestrate that enables Marketers to scale their Account Based Marketing Initiatives by: 

  • Automating previously manual, time consuming operational activities.
  • Create and scale ABM initiatives across channels that engage your target accounts in a personalized way.
  • Distribute the right content, across the right channel, at the right time.
  • Accelerate sales cycles. 

Automate various activities at different stages of your funnel:

The way it works is we find people in your database based on the selector you build, and then at the scheduled date and time, we run them through the actions you have specified.

Automations are designed to be the workhorse of Engagio and can be used to automate all sorts of operational tasks like:

  • Adding people to Marketo to nurture them when their engagement drops 
  • Adding qualified executives to Outreach or Salesloft when their Engagement minutes reaches a certain threshold
  • Adding event attendees to a Salesforce Campaign to give sales visibility into who they need to follow up with
  • Driving tighter sales and marketing alignment by automating SFDC task creation for key activities for sales to follow up on.
  • Data management for account and person data

Audience MagementWith Engagio Audience Management, marketers can seamlessly sync Engagio Audiences built using Engagio Selector technology to 3rd party platforms.

Audience Management enables marketers to seamlessly sync Engagio audiences to other platforms to:

  • Target an Engagio audiences with relevant ads based on funnel stage.
  • Target Engagio audiences with relevant ads based activity, behavioral, demographic or firmographic data.
  • Enable cross channel nurture to accelerate funnel velocity by ensuring the right person at the right account has the right content experience
  • Manage Account suppression lists in Marketo, Pardot or HubSpot