If you have more than one LinkedIn ad account that you want to integrate to Engagio, you can add additional LinkedIn ad accounts by clicking into the LinkedIn Data Source in Integrations.

Navigate to Admin, Integrations, LinkedIn

This is where you can manage or remove existing integrated ad accounts or ad additional ad accounts.

To add an additional account, click Integrate Add Account.

Choose Login with LinkedIn

Enter your LinkedIn credentials and click Sign In.

The next step is where we tell you what level of permission our App will need in order for our integration to work properly. Click Allow.

Select which LinkedIn Ad Accounts you want Engagio to be able to access form the drop down and click Create.

Note: Any add accounts that you have access to, but insufficient permissions for our integration to work properly will show up as non-selectable items in this drop down.

Thats it!  You have added another Ad Account!