Engagio customers can select up to 25 topics to track and will receive the intent activities for the top 10 in-market (known accounts in Engagio) accounts a week for free.

The top 10 in-market accounts are based on the number of surging topics per account, each week the 10 accounts in Engagio with the most surging topics will have those intent data activities pushed to Engagio automatically through the integration on Saturday evenings.

Engagio customers with a paid Bombora subscription will enjoy the benefits of the integration for all of their accounts and up to 2,000 topics.

For existing Bombora customers who have already selected their topics in Bombora, there is also the ability to manually import intent data topics.

NOTE: When importing topics from Bombora the only column you need to include in the import file is names of the topics you want to import (you do not need to include a column header), importing a list of topics will override any previously selected topics.

After the relevant intent data topics are selected in Engagio there will be an ongoing weekly sync between Engagio and Bombora to seamlessly integrate the third-party intent data with Engagio's first-party engagement data. Once the intent data is pushed to Engagio, users can use that data throughout Engagio and make the intent data instantly actionable while also telling a more complete story to sales.

In selectors, you can access Intent Data through the "Intent Surge" Activity Type,  you can also add in the Details constraint to view specific intent activities.