Bombora: Engagio customers can select up to 25 topics to track and will receive the intent activities for the top 10 in-market (known accounts in Engagio) accounts a week for free.

Learn more about the Bombora integration here!

Import Intent Data: (Coming Soon!) For those already using another Intent Data provider Engagio also now supports Intent Data from other providers through a manual import. 

Orchestrate Enhancements

Hourly Recurrences: Hourly recurrences are here! You are now able to schedule automations to recur monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly.

Learn more about how to set recurrences here!

Automation Cloning: Have a really cool automation template that you want to re-use without modifying the original? You can now easily clone automations directly from the automation menu!

Run History Enhancements: Sometimes, you just need to know what happened on a specific date. Custom date is now available for your automation's Job and Action Status.

Learn more about automation history here!

Bulk Actions: Have a bunch of automations you need to activate or deactivate? You can now manage your automations in bulk from the Automation Overview Grid.

Learn more about managing Automations here!

New Automation Action: Change Status in SFDC Campaign: Using Engagio to manage peoples' status in Salesforce Campaigns is a great way to get the right people into the right campaign with the right status for sales visibility. You now have the ability to update the status of people in salesforce campaigns.

Learn More about using Change Status in SFDC Campaign actions here!

New Automation Action: Remove from SFDC Campaign: Using Engagio to manage people in Salesforce Campaigns is a great way to get the right people into the right campaign for sales visibility and to remove people who should no longer be in campaign. You now have the ability to automate the removal of people from salesforce campaigns.

Learn More about using Remove from SFDC Campaign actions here!

Dash Enhancements

Person Activity Attribution: Dash now offers a new "Engagement Minutes" attribution model on the person journey. This allows you to calculate and weigh attribution by engagement minutes for all person based stages (e.g. MQL).


Anonymous Web Activity: Through the Unmatched Account Web Report you can see which companies are viewing your website even before the accounts are identified in your CRM. Leverage this report to expand your prospects and tell when key accounts are visiting your website.

Once enabled, you will receive an email with the anonymous web activity from unmatched accounts daily. The information in the report includes details about the Domain of the visitors, the top visited webpages for that domain, the total number of page visits from the domain and the unique number of visitors.

Filter Enhancements:  As an admin, you have the ability to see all of your users Public and Private lists, filters, and reports. This is necessary as an admin, however, it can often clutter your view. That is no longer an issue with the new visibility filter: