Versions Supported

Exchange Online / Office 365: Supported
Exchange Server 2019: Supported
Exchange Server 2016: Supported
Exchange Server 2013: Supported
Exchange Server 2010 SP1/SP2: Supported
Exchange Server 2010: Supported
Exchange Server 2007 SP1/SP2/SP3: Supported, but contact your AE/CSM
Exchange Server 2007: Not Supported

Identify what version of Exchange Server you have

Step 1: Make sure to have Outlook running, then press and hold CTRL while you right-click the Outlook icon in the notification area in the bottom right.

2. Click Connection Status

3. Move the horizontal slider all the way to the right. Note the version number and compare it to the list below:

Microsoft Exchange Server 2013: 15.0.516.032
Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP2:
Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP1:
Microsoft Exchange Server 2010: 14.0.639.21
Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP3:
Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP2:
Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP1:
Microsoft Exchange Server 2007: 8.0.685.24 or 8.0.685.25

Exchange versions below 8.0.685.24 are not supported.

How We Sync

Engagio allows users to enter their Exchange credentials into the Engagio application. Credentials are encrypted both in transit and at rest. If a user's Exchange password changes, Engagio would need the user to re-enter their credentials.

What We Sync

Engagio will securely store emails and calendar meetings between a user and specific target accounts. For example, if Engagio user was talking to a prospect,, and Sesame was a target account identified within the application, that email correspondence would be securely stored by Engagio and made visible within the application to users at your organization. You have many options to limit email visibility within the application, see our Exchange Overview for more details.

When We Sync

We sync emails and calendar meetings at scheduled intervals that can be customized for your organization.

Verify We Can Sync

If you want to test if we can connect to your Exchange instance, head over to, the site looks like it's from 2003, but it does the trick.
Step 1: Select the option indicated below.

Step 2: Enter your credentials/details

Step 3: Click "Perform Test" on the left-hand side

Step 4: The test should "Succeed" or "Pass with Warnings"

Can we connect? As long as the test passes, we'll be able to connect successfully.

Test didn't pass? No worries, just export the results as indicated below and send them on over to, we'll see how we can best support you.

We need the "RCATestResults.html" file attached to the email.

Wait, I have more questions!

Send over your questions to your account executive or and we'll be happy to take care of you.