The opportunity dashboard gives you an overview of a particular opportunity. 

In the top section, you can see key information about the opportunity, like its name the account name, the owner, type, account engagement minutes, amount, stage, probability, and expected close date. 

These fields can be customized under Settings -> Analytics-> Dashboard Configuration -> Opportunity.

You can also view this opportunity in Salesforce, view the account dashboard, or take action on this opportunity. 

Our all-new Deal Story feature highlights the important contributions from the marketing and sales teams in one shareable snapshot. Let's take a closer look:


The highlights section displays the top people and activities for the account, sorted by engagement minutes. 

If you want to restrict the results to only opportunity contact roles, you can toggle that on in the top right-hand corner. 


The timeline shows the key marketing and sales activities for this opportunity. 

We automatically label the important marketing activities with the highest number of engagement minutes on the chart. You can hover over a label to see more information on that activity. 

You can also see the opportunity stage transitions, as indicated by the crown icon. 

Journey and Opportunity Bar Charts

The journey bar chart shows you the progression of the account through its journey, and how long it spent in each stage.

The opportunity bar chart shows you the same information for this opportunity.


With Deal Story, you can view the correlation between activities, account journeys, and opportunities moving through the pipeline. This is helpful for honing in on what makes a good deal, and replicating the path to success.

For more advanced analysis of the activities that moved a deal across the finish line, or to analyze multiple deals, check out our Dash product.