Deal Story

You asked, we listened. We’re excited to announce that Engagio Deal Story is now live!

Our all-new Deal Story highlights the important contributions from the marketing and sales teams in one shareable snapshot.

HighlightsDisplays the top people and activities for the deal, sorted by engagement minutes.

TimelineShows the key marketing and sales activities that made the deal happen. We automatically label the important activities with the highest number of engagement minutes on the chart.

Account JourneyShows you the progression of the account, and how long it spent in each stage of its journey on the same timeline as the activities above.

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Monthly and Weekly Qualification Rules: You are now able to set automation qualification rules to monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly.

HubSpot ActionsHubSpot customers now have the ability to manage the full lifecycle of someone in a HubSpot Workflow with Enroll to HubSpot Workflow and Un-enroll from HubSpot Workflow actions.

New Sales ActionsYou now have complete control over when to add or remove people from sales campaigns with Add to Salesloft Cadence, Remove from Salesloft Cadence, Add to Outreach Sequence and Remove from Outreach Sequence actions.

Member of AutomationYou are now able to find people or accounts who have qualified for automations in the past using the new Member of Automation filter.

SearchCan't find the action you are trying to add? Searching for action types is now available when adding an action.

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Intent ImportFor those of you using other intent providers (i.e. G2 and TechTarget), you can still leverage the benefits of bringing third-party intent data into Engagio through an intent activity import from other providers

Intent Activity Card: The all-new Intent Surge activity card makes filtering on intent surge by source and date a breeze.

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System Monitoring

System Notifications: Alert admins in real-time or through daily digests when there are issues affecting your Engagio instance.

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