Overview (why integrate?)

Engagio integrates with your Microsoft Exchange / Office 365 service to:

  • Score Target Account activity (inbound emails and calendar events) to help prioritize which customers are most engaged with us.
  • Compose and send emails 'on behalf of' another Exchange / Office 365 user.
  • Give business users visibility into all communications with a key customer (we often refer to these customers as 'Target Accounts').


Engagio’s ABM Analytics streamlines account-based reporting and analytics to get better insights on what’s happening every day at your target accounts. A key element of engagement is what is captured within your email client. After you connect Engagio to your email client, it will pull your email history from the last six months, and you can then assign engagement on 1) emails you receive from target accounts in your inbox and 2) meetings with people at target accounts.


Below is a screenshot of one of the areas of Engagio where a user can leverage the Exchange/Office 365 integration to browse email threads in an account inbox layout to better understand how people from your company and their company have been engaging.

At most companies, there are multiple internal stakeholders that work with a Target Account and this view allows each stakeholder to understand the full history of communication to and with this customer.

Integration Details

We make it easy to connect your Exchange / Office 365 account to Engagio. We use Microsoft's Exchange Web Services to read email and calendar events and send email on behalf of a user (with approval settings).

Your username is going to be your UPN for Microsoft Services (like Skype, Sharepoint, etc.) - it defaults to your email username.

The password is simply the password you use to log into MS Services with.


Engagio understands that email and calendar data can contain sensitive information which is why Engagio offers administrative controls to enable/disable "email body display" and "Auto-lock executive email."

Auto-locking allows admin users to specify the email addresses of internal users whose email will automatically not display the body in the feed as shown in the screenshot on the bottom right.

Internally at Engagio, we enable the "Auto-lock" feature for our CEO, CTO, VP of Sales, and VP of Customer Success.