The destinations tab will provide you with some interesting information about audiences' Status, when it last synced, number of people added or removed during last sync, and the number of people  in the audience on HubSpot.

Before you activate your audience, this will appear in an inactive state, and we will not show any metrics:

After your audience has been syncing for awhile, you can come back here to get a better sense for what is going on with each destination:

The first piece of information is Status. There can be the following statuses for HubSpot:

  1. Inactive (Grey Dot) - Audience has never been activated or was deactivated
  2. Scheduled (Teal Dot) - Audience is active but scheduled to sync at a future date
  3. Pending (Yellow Dot) - Audience is active and currently syncing for first time since activated
  4. Active (Green Dot) - Audience is currently active and successfully synced on last attempt

The second piece of information is Last Sync. Last sync will contain the number of people that we added or removed during the last sync:

The third piece of information is People in List. People in List will indicate the number of people on the list in HubSpot:

Lastly, you can view overtime the number of people who have been added to the Static List in HubSpot:

Pretty cool stuff!

Note: if the person is NOT already in HubSpot, they will be "Skipped" and will not be added to the list in HubSpot.