User Role Enhancements 
Customize Quick Cards: You can now customize quick cards so that each user can quickly access the most relevant information to them.

Set Default Lists and Filters: Most users have their own List and Filter that they use most frequently. These can now be set as defaults so that they are automatically applied each time you log in!

Default Dashboards: Admins can define which account, people and opportunity fields are available by default on the Account Dashboard, People Dashboard, and Opportunity Dashboard.

Column Layouts: Default columns can now be set for each User Group to help surface the most relevant information to your teams by configuring the default fields in Account, People, Opportunity, and Activity grids. 


HubSpot Destination: HubSpot customers now have the ability to sync Engagio Audiences directly with HubSpot static lists with Orchestrate.

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Member of Audience: Find people or accounts who have qualified for Automations in the past using the new Member of Audience and Member of Automation filters to view in analytics, report subscriptions, and more!

Audience Cloning: Have a really cool Audience template that you want to re-use without modifying the original? You can now easily clone Audiences directly from the Audience menu!

Bulk Actions: Have a bunch of Audiences you need to activate or deactivate? You can now manage your Audiences in bulk from the Audience Overview Grid.

Schedule Enhancements: Even more monthly recurrence options are available for recurring Automations!

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Drag 'n' Drop: You can now easily drag and drop to reorder your actions from the Actions tab of your Automation.

Target People and Accounts: The same Automation can now run against both accounts and people who belong to those accounts.

Auto-Create Contacts
Create Contacts from Meetings: Expand your database by auto-creating Contacts in Salesforce who are included in meeting invites from your sales team.

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Create Contacts from Emails: Expand your database by auto-creating Contacts in Salesforce from your sales team's email threads.

Customer Love

MQA Date Field: You now have the ability to customize which Journey Stage will set the MQA Date Field for use in Orchestrate, Analytics, and more!

Program Impact Enhancements: Have a custom opportunity amount field that you use? You can now customize which opportunity field is used in Engagio for your Account Journey and Program Impact report!

Report Subscriptions Enhancements: Report subscription settings can now be accessed and managed by admins directly from each report in Engage.

Weekly Account List Snapshot Enhancements: You can now schedule which day of the week your Weekly Account List Snapshot gets sent.