Automation Scheduling Enhancements: You are now able to specify days of the week or specific dates to “skip” for recurring automations to avoid running something on a holiday.

Eloqua Destination: Eloqua customers now have the ability to sync Engagio Audiences directly with Eloqua shared lists with Orchestrate.

SFDC Task Action Enhancements: Dynamic field values can now be used in Salesforce Task Action Subject and Comments to provide your task assignees with the most relevant context.

Configurable Journeys

All-new help text and tooltips on the Configurable Journeys dashboard and Journey Analytics pages bring key metrics, account balances, and stage transitions into focus.

Drill down into accounts and stage transitions on the Journey Analytics volume, velocity, and conversion pages to see the status of your target accounts, and figure out how to move them forward.

Customer Love

HubSpot Web Activity: Known web activity for HubSpot customers is now tracked for use across Engagio in things like defining selector filter criteria, viewing analytics, defining journey criteria, assigning engagement minutes, and more.

Activity Card Enhancements: Recipients of an inbound email can now be used as constraints to further refine your selector criteria when defining an audience.