Email Service Accounts and Unified Account Inbox

Visibility into accounts and prioritization of who to engage is essential to maximize sales productivity and quota attainment. Sellers need to know what's happening in their target accounts, from who is actively engaged and who is not, to where there are contact gaps, to changes in intent and other behavior. At the same time, sellers don't want to dig for information across multiple systems, and they don't want to have to enter names into CRM or do admin work that takes time from selling.

  • Save your sales team time and help them unlock visibility into all communication history by authenticating all users with an Email Service Account.

  • Deliver complete account and contact insights including communication history to your teams where they can easily access it with Scout and Salesforce native charts.

  • Save time and make your CRM more complete by proactively identifying and auto-creating contacts from meetings and email threads.

Snapshot Email Enhancements

  • Customize what sections to display for snapshot emails, the order in which they appear, and whether to show or hide empty sections

  • All-new role-based snapshots for sales development representatives, account executives, and marketers
  • Create and manage single-list and personalized subscriptions to snapshots, and configure the frequency and recipients of the emails