Simplified User Experience

We've moved a few things around to make Engagio simpler and more intuitive. Here's what's new:


Database provides a view into all of the Accounts, People and Opportunities that Engagio has access to.

Users can view the all important fields related to their records in the database to understand the history and progression of Accounts and People with in-depth activity logs and tracking of field value changes.

Lists and Filters

List and filters are now under the Database section.


Reports are now under the Analytics section.

We automatically preview the members of the report using the list selected in the top left-hand corner.

You can add instructions to reports to guide recipients on how to focus their efforts. 

Accounts and People

The full lists of accounts and people Engagio has access to are now included in Database.

We've replaced the Newly Added and Newly Engaged People pages with out-of-the-box reports.


The new streamlined dashboard now includes Quick Cards, Highlights, and Most Engaged Accounts.

We've removed the Engagement Minute Trend chart, Heatmap, and Newly Added People sections.

Head over to the Engagement page to see the Engagement Minute Trend chart and the Heatmap, and the Reports page to see the Newly Added People.