Engagio pushes updates to your Salesforce instance through the Bulk Data Loader API. You can review the exact information we push and update by reviewing the jobs we scheduled and the data that was sent.


  • Salesforce only allows you to view bulk jobs over the past 7 days. There is not a way to view pushes that happened more than 7 days ago.
  • It's not intuitive to find what bulk job updated what particular contact, account, or lead. It does require some spot checking.
  • There is no way to filter the bulk jobs run and It can be a pain in the ass to scroll through pages of other jobs that aren't relevant to find the specific Engagio ones.

How do I see your updates directly?

Step 1: Click on the Setup tab in the top right.

Step 2: Scroll all the way to the bottom on the left menu, then select Monitor -> Jobs -> Bulk Data Load Jobs

Step 3: Find jobs that are from the Salesforce user syncing Engagio and Salesforce together that are updating the contact, lead, or account object, whichever one you are specifically interested in. You can generally ignore "tasks" and jobs not run by the "sync user".

In this case, Scott is our sync user and I'm interested in updates on Leads.

Pro-tip: The updates you care about probably happened during our nightly sync in the middle of the night. As you scroll, this is a good thing to look for. 👌 

Step 4: Click on the Job Id on the left-hand side, then click "View Request"

Step 5: View it in Excel, it will show the list of objects we updated and what fields on those objects we touched.

See way too many rows to find Engagio?

If you're running into issues around getting a full set of batch jobs into Excel (like I did!), feel free to read about how we solved that problem. Specifically, we documented a way to export this page here:


We're here to help.