Microsoft Office 365 Online:

Head over to the Email Credentials page in your Engagio profile and click on the "Connect to Microsoft" button:

Once clicked, a new browser tab will open for you to log into your Office 365 account.

Microsoft Exchange & Office365 On-Premise

Head over to the Email Credentials page in your Engagio profile.

Your username is your "UPN" for Microsoft Services. Usually you'll just want to use the email address that you log in to Outlook or Skype with.

The password is simply the password you use to log into MS Services with.

When you click "Save and Verify", it could take a literal few minutes to verify, but is usually much faster.

Unable to connect? Keep scrolling 🔽

Exchange Troubleshooting Guide

Go to and run the test.

The site looks like it's from 2003 but it does the trick! 😏

Step 1: Select the option below

Step 2: Fill out the form

Once you click "Perform Test", it can take a few minutes

Step 3 - Test should "Succeed/Pass with Warnings"

If not, that's totally OK too, that's why we're doing this. 😄 

Step 4 - Send the results

Once the report is completed, you should have two possible files you can save.

We need the "RCATestResults.html" file. If you email it to, that will be fine!