Engagio can measure engagement for visitors to your website from your target accounts, based on their IP address, even when they haven’t been identified by your Marketing Automation tool. Doing so requires adding a small event tracking script to each page of your website.

Administrators can navigate to the Web Tracking Script screen to retrieve the HTML snippet that needs to be added to your website.

Step 1: Click this link and copy your company's specific web tracking script before proceeding.

As an example, Engagio's Web Tracking Script is below (this is not your company's web script, do not try to copy it):


Step 2: Add it to your website

You’ll need to add the Engagio code snippet before the end of the </body> tag of your website page template so that it is automatically included in all pages. This is very similar to adding a Google Analytics tracking code.

Note: Each customer's script is different, do not copy the above example down.

Step 3: Identify if you need to install it on other platforms/sites

If you have web content on HubSpot, a Wordpress site, or other platforms such as those, you'll need to add our tracking pixel there.

❗ We have a domain whitelist - we only whitelist your primary website domain (i.e. engagio.com) - If you have multiple domains, you need to let us know.

Want to check if it's working?

We're happy to check for you, but if you want to try yourself, we made a how-to video: