To get started, Admins, head over to the Users page

Add a User

Add User Button

Click "Create User", then add the user's name, email address, and access level (General vs. Admin).

Once added, users will get an email with instructions on how to log in.

User Access Level

Admin users have full access to all Engagio settings and anything behind the settings / gear wheel.

General Users do not have access to any of the admin pages, including the users page. They can not delete account lists nor turn on the "Lead to Contact" conversion setting for account lists.

Delete a User

Right-click on the user and select "Delete User"

Rename a User

Right now, there's not a super easy to rename users, we're working on it. Chat with us so we can help you do this.

Change User Type

Right-click on the user and select "Change Role", current roles are "General" and "Administrator"

Reset a User's password

If the user does not use Google to log in, you may reset their password by right-clicking on the user and selecting "Change Password"

If the user does use Google to log in, they do not have a password and should instead click "Login with Google" to log in to Engagio.

Total Usage

The Total Usage column shows the total number of clicks made in all Engagio products over the past 14 days by each user.

Get a by-product breakdown

Click the "+" icon

Can I batch upload users?

Yes, we have a Salesforce "Import User" feature just for this.