Account Not Found / Does not Exist

Is this my issue?

If you already have an Engagio account and are trying to login but getting a message that your account doesn't exist or can't be found.

Or if you enter your username or password and the screen just refreshes and erases your credentials, this also could be you.

What's going on?

We support two different types of logging in and once you use one, you aren't able to use the other.

If you enter an email and password and we don't have an account that matches, we'll just refresh the screen.

Even if you enter your Google email and password into the email and password fields, we won't be able to find the account since they are different logins.

What to do

Instead of entering your username and password, you're actually going to want to click the "Login with Google" text below.

If you know you didn't use your Google account, the opposite may be true where you have to click "Login with Password" instead.

Supplemental Information

To know if a user logged in with Google or using an email and password, Have another Engagio user go the Admin → Users screen. If the "reset password" button is not visible, you logged in with Google.

If you prefer to ask us whether you used Google or not, we'll be happy to tell you too!

Login failed: 500 Unable to get refresh token for

Is this my issue?

If you see an error that says something about a refresh token, this is likely the issue.

What's going on?

When you had connected your Google account to Engagio, something got a little bit weird with the permissions and connection between us and Google

What to do

You can reset the connection between us and Google by manually removing Engagio from Google then trying to login to Engagio again.

1) Go to

2) Click on the "Engagio" row

3) Click "Remove"

4) Sign back into Engagio with your Google account

HTTP Error: 500

Is this my issue?

Do you see a screen that looks like this?

What's going on?

Somehow the "cookies" that store your login information got a bit messed up. It's a pretty weird error to happen that's hard for us to troubleshoot, but the solution is easy.

What to do

You'll want to reset your browser cookies for the past day. The instructions below are for the Chrome browser, but contact us if you need help with a different browser.

1) Click the three dots in the top right of your browser

2) Click "Settings"

3) At the bottom, click "Show Advanced Settings"

4) Click "Clear browsing data..." under Privacy

5) Only clear cookies from the past day, uncheck the other boxes, and then click "Clear browsing data"

Reset Password Button Grayed Out

If the reset password button is grayed out, it's because that user logged in to Engagio with their Google account instead of an email and password. You can not reset their password because doing so would reset the password that they use for Gmail and everything else, not just Engagio.

How to Reset a User Password

Other Issues

Weird stuff is bound to happen with a software application, we're here to help when it does.

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