Getting to the Charts page

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What the Charts page does

By default, we display our calculated "Role" and "Department" fields on all of our heat-maps in the application and in SFDC. If you would rather use your own fields by default, this section allows you to set new defaults.

Changing the Default Chart Values

Time Range: Impacts how far back the Engagement Minute trend graph goes on Dashboard and Salesforce views.

Rows and Columns: Can be any field you like based on fields within Accounts, People, or Engagement.

Saving is done automatically as soon you select a new field.

Caution: These are truly global changes that will take place on the next page refresh for anyone in your organization. By changing these fields, you are changing the default view in SFDC and the application for all of your users.

👌 Need to do it as one-off? Simply change the Rows and Columns when looking at the heatmap in the application. You can't change it on a one-off basis in SFDC yet.