On the Subscriptions page, administrators can subscribe people to get weekly updates on a chosen account list.


Step 1 - Create a Subscription
Click "Create Subscription" in the bottom left.

Step 2 - Select the Account List


Step 3 - Add Users
On the left-hand side is all Engagio users, the right-hand side is who is subscribed to that account list.

Use the left and right arrows to move people from one side to the other. Once done, click "New Subscription" in the top right.


❗ Currently, we only support weekly email updates. Unless you let us know that you'd like them more frequently.

What comes in the email?

The following details are included in the weekly email:

  • Highlights from the past week
  • Most Engaged Accounts
  • Marketing Qualified Account Status
  • Engagement within Open Opportunities
  • Web Traffic Trends and Highlights
  • Most Engaged People
  • Most Engaged Executives

Send a one-off email any time

There are two ways to send the "weekly" email any time you like,

1. On the Subscriptions page, click the "Send" button on the right hand side.

2. When looking at an account list, click the "Send" button.


With either option, once you click "Send", specify the email you'd like to send it to and add an optional message.