The fields section Administrator's have access to can be useful to see and understand what data we pull into Engagio. You can disable fields from showing up, mark your favorite fields, and better understand what data those fields contain.

Field Type - Two types possible, "Account" and "Person"

Field Label - name of the field

Source - data source for that particular field (Salesforce Account, Salesforce Lead, Marketo Lead, Engagio, etc.).

Type - field type (Date, Text, Boolean, etc.).

Active - whether or not a field is visible within Engagio filter drop-down lists. The default setting for fields is "active." Click to inactivate.

Preferred - promote fields to the top of your field lists for all Engagio users. If there are fields your teams use frequently, click the star in this column to promote them.

Promoted fields will look like this:

👌 Pro-Tip 👌

Use a filter to get down to just the data you want.

Hover over the column name and the menu icon will appear, click on it, then choose just the data you'd like to see.

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