For Engagio to do Account Based Anything, an account first has to be on an Engagio Account List.

Account Lists are collections of Accounts, quite similar to an SFDC Report of Accounts

Account Lists can be added into Engagio via:

An account can belong to one list or many lists.

We've also documented ways to manage these account lists if you're curious.

Recommended Account Lists

You can have as many or as few account lists in Engagio as you please.

  • An Account List for All Accounts. Title it something creative like "All Accounts"
  • An Account List for each AE/BDR/SDR/xDR of their accounts.
  • An Account List for each Geographic Territory
  • An Account List for each Market Segment (Enterprise, SMB, etc.)
  • An Account List for each Vertical (Software, Finance, Health)
  • Or a combo of the above using several lists!

By creating several account lists, you can better measure program impact and sales effectiveness within specific segments. Keep in mind that an account can belong to as many lists as necessary.

Benefits of Account Lists

Determining how you want to look at your data will go a long way toward analyzing the efficiency of your sales and marketing efforts. Using Engagio's analytics, you can better define your Ideal Customer Profile within each segment by looking at what types of content people are engaging with from each market. This makes it easier to customize your content moving forward and truly build the 1:1 future. 

Still have questions?

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