You can create, edit, or remove account lists in Engage.

Creating Account Lists

We have 4 different ways to create an account list:
Create Account List from Salesforce Report

Create Account List from Salesforce Account List View

Create a Static Account List

Create a Dynamic Account List

Editing Account Lists

Clicking on an account list will allow you to:

  • Rename the Account List
  • Choose a different SFDC Report for it
  • Add or remove accounts from a "static" list
  • Set your account list to convert leads into contacts

Understand the List Type

SFDC Report - Based on a Salesforce Report of Accounts and updated nightly

SFDC Account View - Based on a Salesforce Account View and updated nightly

Static List - Manually selected list of accounts that doesn't change automatically, great for small, static subsets of accounts.

Dynamic List - dynamically generated list of accounts based on a set of criteria that is defined using Engagio Selectors.

Special - Includes lists automatically created by Engagio such as our defaults out of the box and the account lists we automatically create for account owners

Removing an Account List

Select the account list(s) you'd like to remove, then click the arrow next to "Create New" and select "Delete."

❗️ This is a GLOBAL delete, all users will be impacted if you delete an account list. We have this scary confirmation box to help make that clear: