When you create an Account List from an existing SFDC Account List View, it will be a smart, dynamic list that is updated as you change things in Salesforce. You can also create an account list based on an SFDC Report or create a "static" list of select accounts.

Step 1

Click the "Engage" page within the application. 

Step 2

Click "Create New."

Step 3

The Create New List dialog will pop up:

List name - Name of the new List

List Member type - select Accounts

List Type - Select "SFDC View" and click "Select View." 

Select the appropriate Account View from the drop-down list.

Engagio will make a query immediately to SFDC to get a list of all account views.

Visibility- Who can view the List

  • Public - Visible to everyone in your organization

  • Private - Visible only to the creator of the List and any Engagio users with an Admin role.

Step 4

Click "Create List."

The message "Successfully Updated List" will be displayed after accounts have been pulled in, this can take some time. If you get an error message, reach out to support.

 This might take a whale...

Once you click "Select", we immediately make a query to Salesforce to pull in all accounts on that view. This can take several minutes if you have thousands of accounts part of that account view.