Static lists are created using Engagio filters. They aren't tied to a dynamic list and work great for small lists. You can also create an account list based on an SFDC Report or on an SFDC Account List View.


Step 1

Click the "Engage" page within the application. 

Step 2

Click "Create New"

Step 3

Add a List name - Name of the new List

Select your List Member type - Choose which type of results the List should return (i.e People, Accounts, or Opportunities)

Select your List Type - Static List

Select Visibility - Who can view the List

  • Public - Visible to everyone in your organization

  • Private - Visible only to the creator of the List

Click "Create List"

Step 4

Click "Add Accounts"

Step 5

Use the filters to narrow down what accounts you are looking for.  Below is an example filter to find a specific company by name.

Or, wait for the list to populate, then select the accounts you would like on your static account list by clicking the checkboxes next to them.

Step 6

Click the Add Accounts button

The message "Selected Accounts Successfully Added" will be displayed.

One Day Delay - After you create your account list, you will have to wait until the nightly sync happens before you can see Engagio's Account List based Analytics

If you have a large list of account ids, please email it to support@engagio.comand we'll import it for you.