Sometimes you want to create a list of accounts filtered by opportunity fields. You can do this in Engagio by creating an "Accounts with Opportunities" report and report type.

You do need to be a Salesforce Admin to create new Report Types.

Step 1: Navigate to Setup in Salesforce

Step 2: Enter Report Types in the Quick Find Search Bar

Step 3: Click the Report Types page

Step 4: Click Continue
Step 5: Select 'New Custom Report Type'
Step 6: Primary Object: Accounts
Name: (we recommend) 'Accounts with Opportunities'
Store in Category: 'Accounts & Contacts'
Deployment Options: Deployed
Step 7: Click the box that says '(Click to relate to another object)'
Step 8: Select Opportunities
- Select the first option if you want to report only on accounts with at least one opportunity (open or closed)
- Select the second option if you want to report on all accounts, regardless of if they have had an opportunity associated with them.
Step 9: Click Save
Step 10: Navigate to your Reports Tab, Create your Report, and upload to Engagio. Do make sure the report is saved in a public place within SFDC once it has been created. 

Once the Report is created in Salesforce, follow this guide to add it to Engagio:
Create Engagio Account Lists from SFDC Reports