The Engagio Dashboard provides a snapshot of the activity, engagement, and newly added people for the Accounts in a specific Account List.

The Quick Cards section contains a series of links to aid users in answering core account-based questions, such as what are the Top Campaigns by Response for the last 90 days.  These cards are links to specific views that do not require any changes or adjusting when you load that page.  Cards are configured by default but can be edited by Engagio Admins to help your organization see the most relevant analytics views.  Click here for more information about Quick Cards.

Below Quick Cards, the Highlights area shows three types of information:

  • The most engaged individual people within your Accounts
  • The most engaged Accounts
  • Top activities happening at Accounts

Highlights are always shown for the past week. As a reminder, the time frame dates are shown in the top-right corner of the section.

The Trend area provides context by summarizing Engagement Minutes for all of the Accounts in the current Account List over the past 3 months. Hovering the mouse pointer over the trend line will display the Top Accounts and Top Activities for that data point.

The Most Engaged Accounts shows the Accounts with the highest engagement over the past week. The numbers represent Engagement Minutes and the bar graphs show the relative engagement for that Account over the past 12 weeks. This provides context and allows you to gauge whether the past week's engagement is normal or exceptional.

The Heatmap shows the Engagement Minutes of the people in your Account List, grouped by Role and Department, over the past 3 months.

The Newly Added People area shows the number of new people added to Engagio in the past week.