Filters in the Accounts View

You can only filter on Account fields in this view, you'll know a field is an account field because it has the building icon to the of the field name.

Highlights in the Accounts View

What constitutes a "highlight"?

We have a fairly complex algorithm which tries to find key people and moments for you based on a wide variety of factors such as their title (CXO, VP), the number of campaigns and forms they've successfully completed, and more.

Most Engaged Accounts in the Accounts View

What: This section gives you a quick view of your most engaged accounts

When: We consider the past 13 weeks when displaying the top engaged accounts

How: It's sorted by the sum of engagement over the past 13 weeks. The big number on the right is showing the number of engagement minutes in the last week.

Why: It's a great way to quickly see how your top accounts are doing over time as they engage with you.

Good to know: Filters do not update this view - it's is meant as a quick summary of engagement from your top accounts. Filters do update the table below.

Table of Accounts

Just like our other tables, you can filter to drill down to exactly what you want.

Pro-tip: Instead of just using the "Engagement (3 mo.) or Engagement (7 days) columns, add a column for just Engagement. The Engagement column represents the number of engagement minutes for your given date range specified in the top right. 👌