Engagio matches Salesforce Leads to your Accounts. Within Engagio, "People" represent both Leads and Contacts associated with the Account. Engagio ABM coverage and people information can be accessed through the People menu under the main left-hand navigation area.

The People section of Engagio Analytics quickly shows you the number of people in your Account Lists. The People section is divided into three sections:

People Map

The People Map allows you to view your ABM coverage at a glance. The numbers represent the quantity of people in each particular category. Darker colors represent a higher relative number of people than the lighter shaded areas.

You can quickly change the Columns/Rows display categories using preset values or you can select your own Columns/Rows by switching to the custom view and choosing a field from each respective drop-down lists. The table view below the People Map displays the individual people details, based on the filters, if any, that have been applied. Specific table columns can be displayed or hidden by clicking on the Edit Columns button above the data table.

Tip: You can view the number of Leads vs. Contacts within your Accounts by selecting the Lead or Contact? value from the Columns drop-down list on the People Map.