We are able to infer a person's Department and Role based on the Salesforce Title field on the Contact or Lead.

Department Mapping

If the Title contains one of the following words, we match it to that Department. It's not case-sensitive.

Marketing - CMO, Marketing, SEO, ABM, Content, Demand

Sales - CSO, Sales, Sale, Business, Account Executive

Administration - President, CEO, COO, Officer, Board, Chairman, Chairwoman, Owner

R&D - Developer, Designer, Engineer, CTO, Technology, Engineering, Quality

Finance - CFO, Financial, Accountant, Accounting, Controller

HR - CHRO, HR, Human Resources

Legal - Counsel, Legal, Attorney, Contracts


Customer - Customer, Support, Service

Other - Everything else

Role Mapping

If the Title contains one of the following words, we match it to that Role. It's not case-sensitive.

Once something matches the rules below, we stop trying to match it further.

  1. Words that start with a C and end with an O go to the CXO category
  2. Words that contain "VP" or a title including EVP/SVP go to the VP category
  3. A title that contains the phrase "vicepresident" when all non-alphabetic characters are removed including spaces and hyphens.
  4. If title contains "General Counsel" or "General Manager", it will be assigned as a VP
  5. Words that contain "Director" or "Manager" go to their respective categories
  6. "Founders" and "Co-Founders" will roll into the C-Suite #startuplyfe
  7. If none of those conditions are met, the Role is "Other"

I'm seeing other Roles or Departments, how did that happen?

If a Lead/Contact already had a pre-Engagio field called Role or Department in Salesforce or Marketo, Engagio will use those field values for our Role and Department fields. 

We show the most popular labels in the people map, other departments/roles are grouped under the "X more..." row.

How can I see what titles are falling under each category?

Step 1) Head to the People tab.

Step 2) Add the "Title" field to the person table

a) Click Edit Columns

b) Search for "Department" or "Role" and click the "+" button

c) Click Apply

Step 3) Check out the job titles that are associated with that department in the table view

Can I add my own departments to the mapping?

Do you target only people in "XYZ" department that we don't map to natively? There are three main ways to get at them.

We don't allow you to change how we map departments, but we do allow you ways around using that field if we didn't do the best job in your particular use case.

Look at them with Filters

They may be primarily in the "other" department category, the easiest way to get at them would be to actually filter by their title like below.

Use the People Map with a custom field

We aren't able to add customized mappings, but if you have your own department field with better data, you can absolutely pull that into the People Map instead of using our built-in label.

Simply switch out the rows with your desired field.

Use Segments to create a custom groupings

Segments are configurable groupings of People, Accounts, Opportunities, and Activities that leverage selectors to define the criteria for the groups. Learn more about Segments