First things first: Click on the Date Range in the top right

This option is available on the accounts, people, engagement, and program impact page.

Option 1: Use a pre-set time

You can select any of the pre-set time frames, or click a start date and end date on the calendar to customize the time frame.

Option 2: Specify a Custom Date Range

Click on the start date you want in the calendar view, then navigate to your desired end date and click once on the end date itself.

Selecting start date:

Selecting end date:

👌 You don't need to click "Custom" first, just click straight on the calendar itself.

Why can I not change the date range on the Dashboard?

The Dashboard is meant to give you an overview of your data quickly. If you'd like to dive into anything shown on the dashboard, the accounts, people, and engagement screens allow you to change the date range and dive in deeper.