By default, Engagio rolls up data in 3 month and 7 day timeframes, but for some organizations, this doesn't suit their needs. Not to worry! Engagio now has the functionality to create custom data rollups for whatever information you want.

Step 1: Create your custom field in Salesforce

  1. As a SFDC admin, navigate the following path:
  2. Setup > Customize > Account (assuming you're creating a rollup on the account level. Replace with Contact or Lead if necessary) > Fields
  3. Scroll to "New"
  4. Select Data type as "Number" or "Date"
  5. Title your new field something meaningful
  6. Set your desired visibility
  7. Select the Record Type to display your new field

Step 2: Map Engagio to your new field

  1. Once the custom field has been created, navigate to Engagio's UI
  2. Select the admin cog wheel
  3. Select the SFDC Custom Fields tab
  4. In the top right, Refresh SFDC Fields
  5. In the top left, New Field
  6. Enter a title, like:
    - Engagement Minutes (1 mo.)
    - Marketing Exec Engagement
    - Marketing Exec Engagement (3 mos.)
  7. Data, select:
    - Engagement Minutes
    - Count of Activities
    - First Engagement Date
    - Last Engagement Date
  8. Choose the Custom Field that you've created in Salesforce at the Account, Contact, or Lead level
  9. Choose the timeframe you're rolling up
  10. Add additional flexibility like:
    - excluding anonymous page visits
    - or only showing engagement from Marketing Managers (role: Manager, department: Marketing)
  11. Save your new field.
  12. Let the data rollup overnight.
  13. Enjoy.